November 2001
Feature Business: Cool Hemp

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We are proud to present:
The Cool Hemp Company Inc

I happened upon Christina's Hemp non-dairy frozen desserts some time ago. Packaged in a simple container with a sticker indicating its contents, the product had that homemade touch with an exquisite taste to match. Apparently the quality of the frozen dessert has spoken for itself as Christina's Hemp has grown into The Cool Hemp Company Inc. The Cool Hemp Company Inc is a values-led family business. Aside from producing an ice cream alternative they also make hemp cookies.

I met Christina and Robbie, Cool Hemp's founders at the Natural Life Expo which was held in Ottawa a few weekends ago. They were busily doling out helpings of their frozen hemp dessert to the hungry masses. Our meeting was brief, but their impression lasting. They started up and continue to run this business with their children and seem to truly love what they are doing. So not only are you partaking in yummy food when you have Cool Hemp eats, you're partaking in the fruits of a beautiful family endeavour.

The Cool Hemp Company Inc are proud to manufacture fairly traded organic vegan Canadian hemp foods. Their Mission is to provide delicious, nutritious, all natural and organic Canadian hemp foods to consumers in the most ecologically friendly way possible while supporting small organic farmers in Canada and in developing nations.

Hempseeds are a nutritiously dense food. They are an excellent source of: essential fatty acids in an ideal ratio for human health; easily digestible complete protein; vitamins and minerals.

The non-dairy frozen dessert comes in three flavours: Cool Chocolate; Cool Maple; and Cool Vanilla.

Cool Hemp is Certified Organic by OCPP/Pro-Cert of Lindsay, Ontario and Certified Kosher (DE) by the Kashruth Council (of Rabbis) of Toronto. Cool Hemp is made with Canadian dehulled hempseed*, unrefined cane sugar*# vanilla* or cocoa*# or maple syrup*, all natural gums and unrefined sea salt*.
*Certified Organic
#Fairly Traded

The Cool Hemp Company Inc produces Cool Hemp at Tracey's Dairy in Renfrew, Ontario.

The wheat free vegan "Hemp Energy Cookies" produced by The Cool Hemp Company Inc are made with certified organic ingredients (including fairly traded unrefined sugar). Christina's Hemp Cookies are singly packaged in biodegradable cellophane bags and will keep well in your freezer for months. The cookies come in three flavours: Raisin; Carob Chip; and Chocolate Chip.

Cool Hemp is now distributed by the Ontario Natural Foods Co-op in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes and by Boucherie Bio in Quebec and the Maritimes. If your local natural food store doesn't carry it, tell them to call the Ontario Natural Foods Co-op at 1 (800) 387-0354 or Boucherie Bio at 1 (514) 374-8024.

For a listing of the stores in your area who supply The Cool Hemp Company Inc products, along with the nutritional breakdown of their ice cream alternative, please visit


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